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Connie’s Rising Stars!

starsIn addition to recording and performing I also am a vocal coach and I absolutely LOVE it!

This photo is from Rossi’s Blue Star Room, downtown Minneapolis. I have hosted three showcases and this was the second one in June of 2007. These are my students and we do a performance onstage with musicians (including rehearsal with the band the day before)…..the real deal!

They work hard all year long with me and get out on stage in front of family and friends and sing.   Their talent and grace under pressure blow me away because, of course, I am the one that is the most nervous.

Left to right: Bradley Daniels, Sally Jaffray, Freyja Hafner,  Ali  Washington, Gabe Fink, Max Fink and Rebecca Fogel.  Rossi’s 2007


  1. Sally Says:

    Connie was a fantastic vocal coach. She allowed me to
    express myself the way I wanted and guided me through it. I
    learned a lot from Connie– she taught me more than singing.
    Most importantly, she cares about her students.

    Sally Jaffray

  2. Sally L. Says:

    Connie has been my vocal coach for almost two years now. I eagerly look forward to each session with her.
    She gives me confidence and much encouragement when I need it and it helps me immensely. I feel that I have improved so much with her help.

    Sally Leder

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