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“A Story in Songs: A Tribute to Doris Day” : A Stage Show

Connie Olson

Connie Olson Photo by-Robert Eichinger Styling by-Chelsea Ficocello and Melissa Herrig

“Connie has a warm style that is reminiscent of Doris Day, but she really swings and interprets these tunes in a way that makes them her own.”
- Barbara Brighton
BJB Enterprises,
record producer

When Minneapolis-based vocalist CONNIE OLSON was a young girl she saw nearly every movie that Doris Day made.  However, it wasn’t until recently that she discovered what a major influence Doris had on her vocal style.  Bandleaders would say, “Here comes our Doris!” and other vocalists pointed out that she approached the standards like Doris.

With these promptings, Connie set out to revisit her childhood inspiration.  In 2004, Connie recorded a CD, “Daydreaming: A Tribute to Doris Day”, and in 2006, she produced a retrospective of Doris’ career called “A Story in Songs: A Tribute to Doris Day”.  Today, Connie has performed her tribute to Doris Day enthusiasts from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, and has recently been invited to present in London.

“I’ve seen a lot of tributes to Doris, but no one has such warmth and knowledge of the material as Connie…plus a beautiful voice.  I truly enjoyed this show more than any of the others!”
Mark Winkler, Los Angeles singer-songwriter

“If you love music from that era, this artist’s rendition is a definite must see!”
Tim Bonhomme, The Beach Boys

Connie delivers each song with warmth, honesty, and no frills; radiates positive energy, and makes you feel she’s by your side, singing in your ear.  Here comes your Doris!

Videographer- Mike Phillips

Mary Louise Knutson- Script writer and featured pianist

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