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Toyz in the Attic

Connie’s got a new band!
Toyz in the Attic are a Minneapolis based Jazz quartet. A hybrid mix of sambas, originals, melodic Jazz rhythms.

The core instrumentation consists of Keyboardist Fred Flowerday, Bass Guitarist Jonathan Thomas, Saxophonist Andrew Schwandt, and Percussionist C Harris. Each of the members can be found on any given night performing with a variety of other well known and establish entertainers and music ensembles in the twin cities nite club scene.

Vocalist Connie Olson, well known for delivering phenomenal vocal arrangements, has chosen the group as her backup ensemble for special 2012 performances.

The newly formed Nu Jazz group Toyz in the Attic, is quartet of professional Minnesota musicians. The group blends creatively classic standards, drifting into brazilian sambas, vibrant originals. and their hybrid mix of Nu Jazz while invading other genres with fluidness.Remembering the concept that less is more, allows the infectious sounds of Toyz in the Attic to entice.
Visit the Toyz in the Attic Facebook page to keep in touch!

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