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Inspire Design

Give me $50.00 per room (plus my design fee of $75.00 per hour) and I will transform your house into an inspiration!
We will work side by side to get you to your inspirational design!

I will take broken sugar bowls ,vases, teapots and fill them full of flowers , beads…whatever and restore new life to them.
We will find things at your home, Grandma’s and Mom’s house and put them together along with lights and the room will become magical and fun…that’s what I have heard about my house!

We will shop at Value Village, Goodwill, Pier One, Marshall’s and many more to get you you want to go!

So get on board and give me a call at: 612-296-2683 and let’s have some fun!!

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Project Coordinator

I have found in my vocal coaching sessions that some people come to me with an idea that they have dreamed of doing for most of their life but don’t know how to get there.  Danny Able is one of these people.  His idea is to do a tribute to Paul McCartney’s band “Wings”.

At each session I map out a plan…starting with vocal coaching, deciding on the songs for his demo, booking the studio, and getting his promotional material together.  I have been doing this much of my life for my own projects and I found that guiding someone else to their own dream is something I intuitively know how to do.

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CD Production

I just followed a CD project from beginning to end.
I do know the amount of time that is spent organizing the project for the artist.  I do now offer my services as a producer…to take the burden off the artist.

The process begins with writing up a contract between the artist and myself…and then we begin!  We draw up plans for the budget…this includes the cost of the musicians, scheduling the band for rehearsal, recording, studio time, artwork for the CD and including money that needs to be spent for mechanical licensing if you “cover” a song already written.

There are many processes involved in the completion of the project and I am active in every one of it’s aspects…including the studio!

Here is an example of my newest artist:  Martha Alkins!



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Music for the Young at Heart: Elder Care Shows

As a receptionist at the Masonic Home, an elder care facility,  in Bloomington, Minnesota, I would watch entertainment come and go noticing that the audiences loved pop music. I put together my show “Sentimental Journey:  A Visit to a Bright Musical Past in Songs”, featuring the songs of Doris Day, Petula Clark, Karen Carpenter and Anne Murray. My show embraces their musical past bringing smiles and conversation from the residents. These songs return the residents to happy memories of their own life as well as their children’s lives when they were cooking supper for their families while listening to the songs from the 60′s and 70′s. The response is always enthusiastic, an interactive fun time for all!

Contact me today to learn more!

Click here to download my brochure for more information!

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Connie Olson : Entertainment Coordinator

“One of the many lessons that my life as a singer has taught me is to pay attention: to the nuances of the musical phrase, to the meaning and impact of the song, to the very specific needs of the job for which I’ve been hired. Whether I’m singing for an audience or handling the details of a musical job for a client, I have a single intention– to communicate fun, ease and comfort.”

Since returning to Minnesota from Los Angeles, I have expanded the services that I offer to the local music scene.
More than just a singer, I am an entertainment professional with full-service experience, skills and the expertise needed to handle my clients’ complete music needs.


With many years of experience creating, booking, and organizing special shows for every kind of occasion, I know instinctively what musical ingredients are needed to create and sustain a memorable, one-of-a-kind program for your next event!

Let me help make that next event extraordinary!

The Bruce A. Henry Dance Band, is just one of the groups that we can work with to make your event something special. This seven to ten piece dance band can really entertain with their songs from the 40′s to today’s hits!
Bruce A. Henry Dance Band

I also have my own trio that can put that little something special into an event!

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“A Story in Songs: A Tribute to Doris Day” : A Stage Show

Connie Olson

Connie Olson Photo by-Robert Eichinger Styling by-Chelsea Ficocello and Melissa Herrig

“Connie has a warm style that is reminiscent of Doris Day, but she really swings and interprets these tunes in a way that makes them her own.”
- Barbara Brighton
BJB Enterprises,
record producer

When Minneapolis-based vocalist CONNIE OLSON was a young girl she saw nearly every movie that Doris Day made.  However, it wasn’t until recently that she discovered what a major influence Doris had on her vocal style.  Bandleaders would say, “Here comes our Doris!” and other vocalists pointed out that she approached the standards like Doris.

With these promptings, Connie set out to revisit her childhood inspiration.  In 2004, Connie recorded a CD, “Daydreaming: A Tribute to Doris Day”, and in 2006, she produced a retrospective of Doris’ career called “A Story in Songs: A Tribute to Doris Day”.  Today, Connie has performed her tribute to Doris Day enthusiasts from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, and has recently been invited to present in London.

“I’ve seen a lot of tributes to Doris, but no one has such warmth and knowledge of the material as Connie…plus a beautiful voice.  I truly enjoyed this show more than any of the others!”
Mark Winkler, Los Angeles singer-songwriter

“If you love music from that era, this artist’s rendition is a definite must see!”
Tim Bonhomme, The Beach Boys

Connie delivers each song with warmth, honesty, and no frills; radiates positive energy, and makes you feel she’s by your side, singing in your ear.  Here comes your Doris!

Videographer- Mike Phillips

Mary Louise Knutson- Script writer and featured pianist

For Bookings contact Connie here!

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Learning Everything in A Song: Vocal Coaching

Ali Washington, Katie Gearty, Connie Olson, Mary Louise Knutson, Andy LaCasse, Greg Schutte, Mike Cramer

Ali Washington, Katie Gearty, Connie Olson, Mary Louise Knutson, Andy LaCasse, Greg Schutte, Mike Cramer

While performing and recording are huge parts of my life, being a vocal coach is one of the most rewarding.  I love every minute of it!

I coach students on an individual basis. I have no set study plan. Voices are not the same, the same is true of expression.

We all have different anatomies that create vocal sounds that are unique to us, our very own voice. So, we can truthfully never sound like anyone else. As our experiences form and shape us in life our communication in delivering a song will also be like no one else. My students pick songs that they like to sing, not songs that I want them to sing, unless they are age inappropriate. We have fun discovering what each song means and why they picked that certain song. I use a karaoke machine so they can use their own CD’s. My machine pitch transposes and “ghosts” out the original vocal track.  So, there is no need to buy karaoke CD’s, they sing with the CD that they are used to singing with, if we need to find a key that works with the individual voice we can, then we begin!

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